Accordeur german

  • Click on the button "Calibrate background noise". This allows a better analyzis by ignoring sounds which are buried in the noise.
  • If you want to tune so as to play with a slightly sharp or flat instrument sound A4 on that instrument and then click on "Calibrate A4". Note that the display does not change - it still says A440 but it now shows the instrument as being in tune at standard pitch. (This is confusing! It would be better to display the true frequency being measured, and the adjusted A440 frequency as the "Perfect" target).
  • Choose the pitch to tune.
  • Play it on the instrument.
  • Tune instrument so that the peak of the spectrum is just on the green line. The first red line on the left show the pitch one semitone lower. The red line to the right shows a semitone above. The others red lines on the left show harmonics 1/3, 1/5 ... They make it possible to refine the adjustment even more.
  • Alteratively you can refine the tuning by bringing the frequency displayed as "Frequency" to the frequency show as "Perfect".
  • For a simple tuning, use the coloured bar below the spectrum. This is red and to the right when below pitch, centred and green when on pitch, and red and to the left when above the pitch specified.